Good Humor Break

If you grew up with the Good Humor truck driving through your neighborhood you may be looking for an ice cream story. Well, that is not what I intended but hey, why disappoint?
I used to run out to get my chocolate sundae good humor ice cream as often as I could. One day I mistook a nickel for my quarter. I asked the Good Humor man what I could get and he said, “That’s a nickle. I don’t have anything for a nickel.”
On another day when I hear those bells. I run out the door, making sure I have my quarter. This little girl (she was littler than me, anyway) comes up and asks the same Good Humor man, “Do you have anything for a nickel?” And he replies, “Sure do.” He takes her nickel, grabs one of those ice pops–remember them – one green side and one red. He breaks it in two, gives her one half and eats the other half himself.

I did not feel very good about that. Know what I mean?

Any how, here is the reason I invited you here for some really good humor!

I came across this site and thought you might find it amusing. The site itself is in German though all the cards (the funny part) are in English. So you can choose whichever page you want to visit ans get the same punch in English.

original German site:


Tell us which one you liked the best and why. AND, if you are daring and clever, make one up for us to enjoy!

for instance, hmm,

Dear God,
Would you mind choosing someone else for a change?


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