Forgiveness–What Most People Miss

Forgiveness seems to be a major topic of conversation and books these days – with good reason. Without forgiving yourself and others you cannot possibly live your best life in health, happiness or financial success.

Remember that the true meaning of forgiving is for giving love to the person who you think (by your interpretation of events and behaviors) hurt you. Even when they caused serious unmistakeable physical or emotional damage to you they also presented you with the opportunity to grow and become someone you would not have become without their actions.

If you have not done so already, watch my video for a detailed explanation of this concept.

Just as we need to forgive others for things they likely don’t even know they did that we saw as hurtful, we’ve certainly done stuff that hurt others without our knowing.

Each of us needs to forgive ourselves for what we’ve done to ourselves and also what we do not know we’ve done that others found hurtful.

Keep in mind that no one does anything to anyone without their permission.


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  1. Jewell Ales says:

    I enjoy checking in daily to see your thoughts. I have your page bookmarked on my must read list!

    • Ali Bierman says:

      Thanks for letting me know. Jewell. Do you have any questions, anything you’re wondering about that I can help with? Let me know here or send an email using the icon at the top of the sidebar.

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