For The Stay-At-Home Parent you are like many parents whose full-time job is raising kids and managing the household then you likely do dozens – no, hundreds – of little things every day for everybody else. I am talking little things that nobody notices that allows their lives to flow more smoothly.

You don’t tell anyone you do them. You do them – just because of love and honor.

No one notices all those wonderful gifts until something happens to you and the special gifts stop. Then your family wonders why their lives are not flowing along all lovely as always.

Yet no one has an inkling as to what caused the change.

To avoid taking yourself out of the picture (as way too many people do through serious illness) take care of yourself NOW. Start a habit of doing something every single day – just for you.  Even if you just take 20 minutes to be yourself –  relax, meditate,whatever – just do something to fuel YOUR spirit.

Start that new habit this weekend then gradually incorporate it into another day and another until it becomes part of your daily routine. Not that you need or want to do the same thing each day. You do want to do something for you, though–and not because your kids will enjoy doing it with you. DO that something solely because you enjoy doing it and do it by yourself away from your family.

Take a break from your 24/7/365 forever job.

One more thing, if you find it hard to take care of your own needs because society tells you it is selfish, think of it this way – what happens to your family if illness or death takes you out of the picture? And if you are a mom with daughters, remember your child does what you do not what you say.

Take care of you for you AND so you can be there fully and without resentment or exhaustion for others too. Loving yourself and self care is not selfish. It is mandatory.

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