Nobody is Happy in Every Minute

Happy people know how to respond to negative events. Yes, even happy people experience  crummy circumstances sometimes.

Ignoring deep emotional feelings or burying them never serves anyone.

That habit will lead to major health issues down the road.

So, then how can you express your pain, anger, frustrations, etc.  and quickly move forward with your life?

When the event happens go into your emotions–and set a timer.

What? A timer?

Yes. Set a timer for five minutes. During those five minutes do what Jeff Paul dubbed the Five Minute Wallow. Feel sorry for yourself. Feel the deep emotions racing through you.  Cry. Shout. Do whatever you feel like doing to deal with your feelings about the situation.

Then, when the timer goes off you stop. You just stop the self pity, You stop the yelling. You stop the feelings of anger and frustration.

Well, why would you want to do that?

You want to stop the emotional rant for many reason. These two matter most:

1. What you focus on expands. When you feel angry you attract more anger to you.

2. When you get stuck in emotions your ability to find a workable solution disappears. You cannot rant and rage while resolving the issue. Not possible. Your brain cannot live two opposing experiences in the same moment.

Next time something awful or something aggravating crosses your path instead of ruining your day (or your life) take five minutes to feel the upset. Then take proactive action to put it behind you. Oh yes, and leave it in your past.

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14 Responses to Nobody is Happy in Every Minute

  1. Nancy Rose says:

    Love it. I do something related. If you don’t get it out of you, it just keeps stirring all day and like you said, you DON’T want to carry that with you. Then after you’ve complained, you can have a GREAT day.

    • Ali Bierman says:

      Exactly, Nancy. React then let it go. I usually do it in 2-3 minutes now. This one habit has made a huge change in how I live my life. Oh dear. I used to be quite emotional and et things stop my day.

  2. Another tactic you can try is changing what which you are feeling, once the timer Dings!, indicating that you are done!

    When my Mom passed away, I felt sorrow; I felt all the things you feel when a parent passes away. But rather than wallow in that “woe-is-me area” that I could have, I decided to focus on the things that I was grateful for. I was grateful that I could be with her during her last days. I was grateful for those times growing up that she was with me. I think about all the places and the things we did together and the joy and the happiness that was in our life.

    I am not suggesting that you ignore feelings – on the contrary – feel the pain, feel the sorrow, feel the sadness. But then, search for the feelings of gratitude. I am sure they are there someplace!

    Be Well.

    • Ali Bierman says:

      What a beautifu experience to share–so eloquently too. I was okay when my mom left her body because her Spirit was so powerfully in the room with us–feeling all free, happy and pain-free. Same thing hapened when we buried her Interesting, huh?
      Have to admit I still miss her terribly even though I know she is here when I call her. I did not know this technique then and I never used it.
      Thanks. I can do that now along with energy work to release the emotions and stay with the good memories. I do write about her and dedicated many books to her. AND I am ready t be here now.

  3. Riki says:

    Thank you for this very “timely” reminder! (Sorry- couldn’t help myself). Seriously, though-this was a great post that I stumbled upon when I needed it the most.

    • Ali Bierman says:

      This single habit made the bggest difference n my life. Iused to get caught up in emotions which left me stuck until I moved on. I am glad you came by Isn’t it great the way the Universe delivers exactly what we need when we need it?

  4. Ali, I love this tip – great suggestion!!!

    • Ali Bierman says:

      Thanks for letting me know, Tor. This habit makes such a huge difference for me. Seems lots of people are happy i shared it which makes me even happier. Why waste time being stuck when you can get out the pain big time–then move on.

  5. Kama says:

    I love this method, it really works. Paul I appreciated your idea also, switching from woe to gratitude when the timer goes. As you say we are not able to be in two frames of mind at the same time so this method is a good practice for that also on an everyday basis.

    • Ali Bierman says:

      Thanks, Kama, Great observation. I am going to add Paul’s suggestion. After all, when you look for the lesson in ever situation you find it. When you’re then thankful for who you got to be to make it through your soul evolves.

  6. Uroda says:

    Thanks for a nice post.

    • Ali Bierman says:

      You are most welcome. Come bck and read more–lots here!

  7. randka w uk says:

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    • Ali Bierman says:

      Thank you for your compliments, Randka. Sometimes my posts come up near the top on Bing. What matters is you found this info now, yes? I look forward to hearing from you again. Ask any questions you have on relationships.

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