Every 12 Minutes A Woman Dies From Breast Cancer

Every 12 Minutes A Woman Dies From Breast Cancer

I usually post health info at my site www.healthyyouuuniversity.com

However, a recent health scare made me realize–without health, especially breast health, having amazing relationships could prove difficult if not impossible for some couples. So I decided to share my personal story here.

PLEASE READ AND SHARE EVERYWHERE–This story may save a life!

The Universe works so perfectly. Today my HAppy Share is most definitely extraordinary. First off let me tell you the scare I had is over and my health is super. Thank you to all who sent Light, prayers and LOVE. It totally worked.

My body is working very hard to heal from the brain surgery and aftermath. The healing is slow AND surely progressing.


Last week one of my breasts suddenly became swollen, hot, tender, and painful. I mean it was sudden and out of the blue! BEing late Thursday afternoon finding my healthcare providers was a good trick. The naturopath (ND) I called, hearing the signs of an infection, said she could not help me and I should see a medical doctor right away.

What scared the heck out of me were her words, “Is it okay if I pray for you?” I went online and learned there is a cancer that exhibits that way. Geesh! I had thought if it hurt and it was sudden–no worries other than infection.

NO worries other than infection? HUh? I am a healthcare practitioner. Infections kill–quickly!

When I called the nurse practitioner who I see for feminine issues her assistant told to make a beeline to a doctor even if I had to go to urgent care.

Can you see why I was scared silly? BEsides I really hurt a lot–and, since I live alone, I had no one to comfort me or drive me or make calls for me.

When I saw my Doctor of OSteopathy (DO–I don’t do medical doctors)) the next day he said he detected lumps both in my breast and in my lymph node. Oh great. MORe to fear! HE did put me on antibiotics immediately. The last time I took antibiotics was a good 20 years ago–I just don’t do medicine (except for the brain surgery, of course). At my follow up appointment his nurse practitioner told me to get a mammogram.

At that point I called back the ND who NOW could help me by doing thermography. A mammogram, using radiation and causing cancer, only produces accurate results 45% of the time and not nearly as far in advance as what a thermograph detects–80% accuracy and non-invasive, safe and, because it entails your entire body and life history–is a superior method to check breast health as well as overall health.

NOw here is the amazing part…

The intake for a thermograph is LONG and extremely detailed. During that time the doctor and I discovered we are both healers with issues for which we cannot treat ourselves. She immediately smiled and remarked the UNiverse had caused the breast issue so we could get to know each other and help each other. She was sure the thermograph would not show anything to worry about.

To which I added the fact that I had not been nurturing myself. When you fail to nurture yourself you develop breast issues. Plus, I had made a request to the UNiverse to lead me to someone who could help my healing from the brain surgery aftermath. Parts of me are paralyzed making things like breathing difficult at times. Guess what. She worked with a stroke victim–one side of his body was paralyzed. She had him up walking!

Do you recognize this priceless gift from the Universe? I got a loud and clear message to nurture myself plus someone who can help me heal. She got someone who could help her and her husband too. PLUS we really enjoy chatting and we are fast becoming close friends and colleagues able to make referrals to each other.

I am so grateful I got all the messages from the Universe without a major crisis. Phew! Hmm, Actually it was a major crisis. I am not sure what would have happened without all the prayers, LOVE and LIGHT from my friends. You see, I felt all those large lumps too.

Every 12 Minutes A Woman Dies From Breast Cancer

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