Do You Build Your Kids’ Dreams or Destroy Them

My son yelled at me, holding back his tears.

“Why did you teach us to follow our dreams? Don’t you know how hard it is to make a living as a musician?”

My son played the drum set before he was even born. All his life music came first. At the age of sixteen he looked at me and told me, “Music is all there is.” Two years later he went off to study at a music conservatory.

Today he is known the world over for his brilliance as a concert musician, jazz drummer, Broadway talent and professor. He has played with more big names in the entertainment industry than I can even recall.

He did what it took to make his dream a reality. Now he thanks me for raising him to always follow his heart. He says he doesn’t work because he loves what he does so much, and he enjoys working with the people he gets to play with. He doesn’t call it work at all.

Do you follow your heart? How will you ever find peace nd fulfillment if you do otherwise?

What do you teach your kids about following their dreams? Do you support them in every way possible or do you tell them to play it safe, get a career to fall back on?

Do you know how many thousands of extremely talented performers grace the stages of community and dinner theaters because their parents told them to play it safe? Do you know how many hearts feel empty?

Are you a dream builder or a dream deflater?

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  1. Going to make my husband read this 🙂

    • Ali Bierman says:

      Grezt! Do you have any questions? LEt me know. You can post them in a comment or email me (see top of the sidebar

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