Don’t Just See It – Live It

I’ve got a secret for you to  help you create the relationships you want. You know, the one with sparks AND also calm.

This may sound “out there” but do it anyway, okay.

Make time (just before falling asleep should afford you quiet and privacy) to close your eyes and see exactly what you want in great detail.

Did I say close your eyes and see? You see way better with closed eyes than open eyes for open eyes can only see what’s “out there” yet the Universe exists within.

http://howtohaveamazingrelationships.comOnly don’t just see it–live it with all 5 senses.

Feel the floor you walk on. IS it hard? Wood? Stone? Carpet?Go to a refrigerator and get a cold drink. Pour it into a glass and maybe one for someone else too. Taste it as it washes over your teeth and tongue and slides down your throat. AHH Refreshing.

See what you will see and hear all the sounds–including the conversations of those around you. Who is with you? What is s/he telling you? What do you respond? Do you respond in words?

Breathe in the fresh mountain air and smell the fragrant flowers in blossom outside the window, on the deck and in vases throughout thermos.

Use all 5 senses and BE THERE. You WILL be there. And being there lets the Universe know you want it so it can begin to bring you what you  need to make it happen.

Who knows, perhaps it all ready exists in a parallel Universe. Physicists today say at least 11 parallel universes exist.

Oh yeah. – collect digital family photos and put together a photo show that resembles your dream. Go online to fill in the gaps like the place and scenery. Then take it all to and make a fantastic movie complete with music.

Then you have a video to share and to watch whenever you think of it during the day. It’s how you feel when you put yourself there that brings it to you. Just do it.

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