Your Thinking and Your Happy Relationships

happy as you think

Your thoughts create your world. What goes on inside your mind gets reflected in your outer world.
You choose how to feel in every moment – every single one.

What impact, then, does your own thinking pattern have on how your relationships work – or fail to work?

No event has any meaning except for the one you assign.
As noted in my THRIVE! Don’t Just Survive Theme Song,
Its your choice to stay stuck in the muck.

You create your own luck.”

Translation: if your relationship feels yucky then you alone can change what is going on. NO blaming your partner. YOU interpreted what happened as hurtful.

If your partner did something that felt hurtful to you, well, you let it happen or you failed to voice your own feelings when it happened.

Chances are your partner does things that upset you without even knowing it. You do the same.

Share your experience below. When did you take charge of a situation that could have been very frustrating or sad and turn it into something useful in your life?

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