Connect to Your Higher Self/Spirit

Problems – emotional, physical and spiritual – reflect a disconnect between you and your Higher Self/Spirit. Your body is a metaphor for what is really going on out of your awareness. The farther you roam from your center the less you remember who you are and why you came here in this life time. The Universe gets louder and louder working to get your attention to bring you back to your center.

Your True Self is your center.

When you know how to listen to the messages coming from your True Self your life will flow steadily and easily in the direction of your dreams.

The Universe always begins the conversation, as it were, in whispers—little annoyances in your world that you likely disregard – if you even notice them at all. When you fail to stop and notice that you have wandered off track, when you no longer honor and live connected to your own  Higher Self living your purpose – that is when the Universe comes to your aid by shouting at you (in the form of things going wrong in your life and in your health) louder and louder until it gets right in your face and some major catastrophe happens.

Or is it really a catastrophe?

Many successful happy individuals will tell you their biggest life challenge, the one that caused the most pain, also gave them the greatest rewards – life changing rewards.

Realize the Universe may not speak to you in words. Don’t look for a burning bush or a meteor zooming overhead. Instead pay attention to little things like the snippet of a song you heard—with your message coming in those selected lyrics. Or maybe the roadside billboard bears a message you saw often but never really took notice of its meaning. Maybe you overheard part of a conversation while waiting in line at the grocery store—and the words answered a question you had been pondering for three days!

Pay attention to the quiet signs so you don’t miss them and you will avoid all kinds of suffering. Be present in your life and live connected to your True Self.

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  1. Esther says:

    Was ttolaly stuck until I read this, now back up and running.

    • Ali Bierman says:

      Thanks for letting me know you found it helpful. Look for further info on the topic to take you deeper.

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