The Comfort Zone? Does It Really Feel Good?

You have two choices about how to live your life in each moment: 1. You can keep doing what you are doing and continue to get predictable results that you know and feel comfortable living OR 2. You can leave your comfort zone and step into new ways of thinking and being in the world.

Most people choose to live the life they already know. Change takes work, effort, planning and doing. Staying the same is more of an automatic style of existence. You don’t have to think much, nothing new to figure out. And your daily life is, more or less, known.

Change can feel very scary. You have no idea how things will turn out once you abandon the old way of doing things. In fact, change, for many people, feels so horrifying they stay in relationships where they experience physical and mental abuse rather than leave and venture into the unknown life without that relationship!

Often that so-called comfort-zone fails to feel comfortable. That life style may actually prove to be dangerous—sometimes fatal. Sometimes that abuse comes as physical attacks. Often it comes as verbal abuse or emotional neglect.

A person living in a painful relationship gives away their power to the abuser. No one can dominate another without the permission of the oppressed. Pay attention to how one can destroy one’s own self image, destroy their self-esteem and denigrate themselves to subhuman status.

When you live consciously you pay attention to how you feel. You notice your reactions and your responses to the behaviors of others. You fail to buy into any statement that puts you down. You choose friends who support you in growing to be all you can become while eliminating those who drain your energy and try to limit your possibilities.

When you settle for what you have in life because getting more takes work, effort, time, etc., know your life style will decline over time. You see, nothing ever stays the same. In each moment either you are growing or you are dying.

Do you choose to grow and expand in new directions? Or do you want to fool yourself into believing all will stay the same.

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2 Responses to The Comfort Zone? Does It Really Feel Good?

  1. Great post, Ali!
    It’s hard to believe that folks that are abused are not happy- but are often comfortable with their abuse, since it is expected. Just like they need to stretch to improve their circumstances, so must we. Doing the same thing over and over again leads to the same results. Put the extra in- to achieve the extraordinary.

    • Ali Bierman says:

      Yes, Roy. For those of us who thankfully never endured abuse it is pretty hard to understand why one stays in that situation, too frequently until death. I worked with people like that. the abuse pattern begins so subtly and is such an insidious process of destroying the “victim’s” self esteem while cutting them off from family ansd friends allows one to see how they wind up liker that. up.They actually believe they deserve that treatment.
      Each of us can stand to grow, to think outside the box and really live life. I used to (hmm, need to return to that behavior) do something every day that scared me. How else can you grow unless you step out of your know zone?

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