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The Second Miracle–on or Preferably Before Tuesday, December 6

Fifteen years ago when energy workers helped me heal from a brain injury the doctor in charge of my case refused to accept my explanation of how I healed,thereby depriving his patients of the chance to heal as I did–sad, … Continue reading

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Save a Life Today–Maybe Your Own

When I chose to create today‚Äôs message I did so to ask for your help, to empower others to be able to ask for help AND to allow you to take a look at preventative steps so you never have … Continue reading

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Prayer: What it is and What it Isn’t

Very few people understand what prayer really is. Most people confuse it with asking for ,pleading with or bargaining with God to create a desired outcome. Prayer isn’t words. Discover what it is and how to do it to manifest … Continue reading

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