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6 Second Relationship Healing

Six seconds can dramatically change how you feel – emotionally AND physically. NO kidding! And this method costs nothing. Ah, but you also want to know why you need 4, 8, or 12 of these to survive and thrive. What … Continue reading

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How an Argument Serves to Heal a Relationship.

Arguments. How can they actually serve to heal a relationship? I once witnessed an argument between two seals. Yikes. LOUD! Amazing. She stormed off – and he followed. I can only help humans move past the need to rage at … Continue reading

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Happy People Have Bigger Problems Than Unhappy People

Yesterday I told you about the five-minute wallow for quickly moving past a crisis into resolving the situation. I didn’t tell you why happy people can easily do a five-minute wallow and get on with their lives—while handling what they … Continue reading

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Love and Hate: They Are Not Opposite Emotions

Love and hate are not opposite emotions. They are two ends of a continuum. Yes, both exhibit the same emotion. What? You meet someone new and immediately feel a gut reaction of hatred toward that person. Why? Firstly note I … Continue reading

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