WHO Finally “Got It”

Seems the World Health Organization finally “got” that mother’s milk is superior to manmade alternatives and they recommend it.

Duh! How did they think mankind survived to these times?

I’m a retired La Leche League Leader. We teach moms how to breastfeed and create happy healthy families. It is a way of parenting not just the breastfeeding part.
Back in the 1970s, when my kids were born and I was an active leader (today moms who do not know about La Leche League pay a so-called specialist to do what moms have always done–get together and share!) both my kids nursed.

My son nursed until shortly before his sister was born–when my milk naturally dried up. He was almost 3. My daughter, born with a severe allergy to milk protein, may have died had I not had the expertise of the medical board and knowledge I did to breastfeed her.

My milk was her protection up past age 4. Was she still getting milk? Who knows? I know she grew up to be so incredibly self confident AND healthy.

Both my kids were super healthy. No one ever got sick–no one–ever. Never got what all the other kids got. Not ever. We never needed to visit the doctor.

When the flu rampaged through the school knocking out half the student body and staff no one in my household got sick—no colds, nothing (except chicken pox—we made sure they got chicken pox as kids to protect them in adulthood.
PLUS all the emotional benefits derived from touching, eye contact, interacting while breastfeeding. Can’t beat that.
Remember that science will never be able to duplicate Nature’s perfect food. How do you think humanity survive to now?

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