Beautiful Rain

I used to think rain was yucky. Yeah, I thought it interfered with plans for outdoor aciviiies and just plain put a cloud over everything.

Hmm. Okay, so it does mean a cloud hovers above blocking the bright sunshine. However…

We need rain to survive both physically and spiritually.

I used to live on a ridge overlooking the Treasure Valley in Southwest Idaho. I watched weather systems move in from the mountains and glide across the valley sometimes pounding down rain or snow. AND I alSo got to witness the reality–I could see both the dark precipitation that people on the ground experienced AND at the same time i saw the sun shine brightly above the clouds that covered the cities and country.

You see, the sun shines all day long even when you don’t see it or feel it in your heart. All you have to do is trust that truth and look through new eyes to feel it.

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