BE the Light You Came Here to Shine

Do you believe peace is possible on this planet?

Have you noticed the trend in businesses these days–those focused on the bottom line of money, who take advantage of others and live in greed–those companies are going under like mud sliding down a California mountain. The new paradigm of helping others, of being in service, on the other hand, seems to sprout new successes cropping up here and there add everywhere!

So, do you believe peace can come here to this planet? Listen and share your experience in the giving and receiving realm.

Oh yeah, if you do not know what a Light Worker is read this book by Barbara Marciniak

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2 Responses to BE the Light You Came Here to Shine

  1. Not knowing the book, but learning about how for every pro there is a con, for every good there is a bad, positive/negative, etc., I’m not certain that the entire world can be at peace. It would be fantastic if peace did reign throughout, though. But what about not having any conflict? How would we grow our human and humane spirits? If we agreed to stay cold and dark, fire may not have ever been discovered to emit warmth and light. This is my response to the first part of your question.
    The following will be in answer to the second.
    My gosh; What I’ve given people over the years is a sense of value, warmth, love, and meaning. I charged no money for that expertise; however, received wealth beyond measure of their loyalty, love, and friendship.
    My purpose here on Earth is to wrap lost souls in the warmth of my sunshine by day. By night I am the candle that lights their path.
    Thanks, Ali, for asking the questions!

    • Ali Bierman says:

      Wow! Powerful, Peggy. Having read your material I now you do just as you say–and you do it so well. Thank you for being part of this cooperative society. Blessings.

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