Relationships: Who Do You Attract?

Nearly all people experience relationships with people who, they are sure, are “the one.” What attracts people to each other is underlying energy signals existing out of your awareness.

What you don’t know you don’t know gets you into the state of being stuck.

Have you ever noticed that some people get divorced then turn around and marry the first spouse all over again–only the second spouse has a different name and face?

You attract who you are.

Many people search for themselves, for their identity. As your self-image changes and you mature you will attract different people who are at the same point at each corresponding level of personal development as you.

Did you ever notice that high self esteem people attract people with high self esteem? And people with financial ineptitude attract others with financial ineptitude ?

Hmm. So how do you find the person of your dreams?

The key? Love yourself first. I’ not selfish. It’s mandatory!

Since you will attract the person you already are then it makes sense to be certain you are who you want to be. Most important, you want to be sure you love yourself. It is not possible to love another without true self-love.

You want guidance to ask the questions that allows you to uncover your True Self. Self-image runs lives. Self-images are usually inaccurate. Self-discovery forms the only true path to freedom and really honest love.

With love present, no matter how a person acts or fails to act, you accept them. One single behavior, not necessarily liked or condoned, gets accepted rather than judged when love is present.

In a relationship where a behavior or action shuts down the love feelings–well, there was no love in the first place.

Love is always unconditional.

Anything else is just emotions, feelings–not love at all. Armed with that knowledge you prevent the pain of broken romances.

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    • Ali Bierman says:

      HI Delia, I highly recommend subscribing to my special FREE video course on relationships for lots and lots of details. See the video on the sidebar–the one with the roses? Watch it and jump on-board. I will be taking that down at the end of this month and charging what it is worth!

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