Are You Really Open MInded? you have an open mind? I mean really? If you knew you could change all of your relationships without having to figure out anything, would you?

I ask because I am a specialized kinesiologist who specializes in assisting people to have amazing relationships–and I do that by clearing their blocks to hydration, aligning their jaw and clearing heavy metals.

Sound weird?

You store absolutely every relationship glitch throughout your entire life (sometimes you even bring energy blocks from a previous life into this body-mind system) in your body not just in your mind. Those energy blocks contribute to emotional triggers and eventually to health issues from tiny discomforts to life-taking disease and injury.

Still with me? You see, I am saying that thinking about someone who makes you feel bad (not really possible for anyone to make you feel one way or another–let’s leave that topic for another post another day)

That is the reason I say “Change your relationships and change your life.

Right now I am figuring out how to do my kinesiology without your having to bbe present with me. What I know is if you spend 5 days with me your entire life and even your personality, will change.

So, would you do something you may not uderstand to finally live in the happiness an d love that escapes you now? REmember, a good relationsip can transform into a great one–IF it is in the highest and best interest of BOTH parties.

I see and work with relationships in a way no one else (to my knowledge) does. SO I get fast results no one else can. Oh yeah–these resuklts last unless you CHOOSE to undo them. Only you won’t make that choice when your unknown programs that keep you stuck go away.

What do you think about all this? Leave a comment and share in the conversation. Only don’t speculate, tell us what you experienced.

So why did I ask you about having an open mind?

The last time I publicly taught my relationship class a couple walked out and complained the class had nothing to do with relationships. One of the women who stayed became a client. After 3 sessions  she excitedly described all the major life changes she experienced around relationships. This is someone who could not recall a single moment of happiness at any time in her life during the class. After our first session she called to tell me she was smiling and happy. One session. Who wouldn’t want that?

Well, unfortunately too many people SAY they want to change but they don’t really. On some level they get too much out of being a victim, Know what I mean?

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