Relationships: Why I Help People Create Amazing Relationships

When I was a psychotherapist I knew all about the stats on colleagues who were killed and injured by patients every year. None of us published our phone numbers and clients never knew my last name. Okay, I worked with some dangerous people.

Letting anyone, other than friends, know anything about me is a new experience. Today I decided to fill you in on why I focus on how to create and maintain amazing relationships.

Quite Frankly, I Just Want To Help

I lived through many great life experiences where I got to create all kinds of relationships. After working with thousands of people in all kinds of settings – as a Mom, a wife, daughter, sister, a teacher, psychotherapist, and Specialized Kinesiologist, I know what to do to assist others in finding what keeps them stuck in relationship muck.

Many people know how unhappy they are but they have no clue what to do to create relationships that feed and support them – and bring joy instead of heartache.

My Whole World Turned Upside-down

In 1996, while working as a psychotherapist in crisis care, one of my clients attacked me, leaving me disabled with a brain injury. All my life I managed my home and everyone’s lives. Suddenly I could not even take care of myself.

Much to my dismay, many people who I had thought were my friends never even came to see me. They disappeared from my world. My kids – who were already away at college, didn’t “get” how much my body and mind had been altered. My husband saw how impaired my functioning was but didn’t really want to accept that I would never be the same person he married.

I had to re-create all of my relationships. I had to find new ways to relate to those who continued to be in my world – and all the new people who entered.

Adversity Demands Creativity

I figured out how to be in all my previous relationships – in new ways than how I was before.

I went inside myself to recover – and found my strength and all kinds of insights I could never have known in my former way of living.

As I found myself seeing through new eyes, I realized I didn’t exactly fit into the world I had known. I was no longer the person my husband had married. And the strain increased as we grew apart.

Finally, after 31 years of marriage I clearly saw our paths no longer led to the same destination. We mutually agreed to go our separate ways–not because we fell out of love but because we no longer fit into each other’s world.

Growth Takes Courage

I no longer fit in that marriage and I no longer fit in that part of the world. I moved clear across the country and started all over again. I took everything I learned about relationships to build new friendships that support who I am exactly as I am.

I quickly saw, in others, what I had lived through and was able to assist many people in finding their true paths to happiness by fulfilling their relationship needs. And so I recognized my strengths and my experiences could make a difference for so many people all over the world.

Relationships Run Your Life

About one year ago I noticed that every person who came to me for health reasons actually got well when we released energy blocks caused by relationships. I am not talking about those in the person’s awareness but a lifetime of disconnects stored on the many energy files and pathways in and around the body.

I changed my focus away from health toward relationships. Ever since then my clients get healthier and their relationship issues disappear. Amazing – same modalities I always used yet more expansive results.

What you don’t know you don’t know about relationships impacts you in every moment. For obvious reasons you cannot access what you need to clear using your conscious mind and focusing on past hurts.

I love what do. Clients get quick deep lasting results from the very first session.


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