Aging Does NOT Mean Deteriorating Health – Unless You Think It Does

Have you ever noticed how many people talk about, or complain about all the health issues (especially memory problems) they experience past the age of 40, 50 and 60? I find it shocking when doctors tell someone over 40 it is normal for their body to begin to fall apart and show signs of aging. I find that comment especially irritating for they are basically saying, “This is how it is. Nothing to do about it!” And then they write a money-making prescription!

My advice? Run as fast as you can from that doctor’s office. Chances are he is out of shape, unhealthy and on prescription drugs himself. Hey, he can only do for you what he believes and lives in his paradigm, right?

As a specialized kinesiologist I see how people live every day.

I notice their life style, especially their eating and drinking and exercise habits—and not getting enough water their body actually uses–and basics like jaw bone and neck (now that is a biggy—forward head is way too common) misalignment!

Gee whiz! I look at people and see their physical maladies AND the causes—without even having to test them.

I don’t agree that aches and pains are inevitable–not at all.

Life style and failing to do the necessary activities (mental, physical and spiritual) for wellness cause your body to deteriorate.

Look at cultures beyond the Western world for evidence of that fact. Only when the standard American Diet (aptly called SAD) appears in other cultures do those people lose their vitality and well being. SADly, when cultures become exposed to SAD that health impact happens within one generation. An entire history of long-lived well people gets wiped out that fast on SAD!

One of my best fiends is 80 and she does everything in her house and yard all by herself including mowing the acre of land and totally  organic gardening half of that acre. She        hauls her own fire wood, stacks it,  butchers game, makes jerky, cans meats and veggies and fruits—you name it. Heck,  she even makes her own moonshine—very potent too!

My 79-year-old friend lives similarly but atop a mountain. My friends in their 70s  are full of get up and go, they  date and go dancing and traveling all over the world.

My mom walked 3-6 miles daily carrying her groceries when she was 80!

I went through an intensive warrior camp when I was in my fifties. My group (mostly kids in their thirties) thought I was 37 because I keep myself in great shape and easily kept up with them.

On the other hand I see people in their 60s kvetching about their problems and how they aren’t how they used to be. Some people in their forties cannot even walk up a hill without huffing and puffing!

Want to live well? Love yourself first and take care of yourself  OTHERWISE you will have to hand over your sick care to someone else (who will either cut on you or put you on pills).


Whatever you speak becomes the command for your subconscious to fulfill!

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  1. This is a seriously tremendous write-up. Seems like you have been posting for a while, if not, keep it up because this is good stuff. I like it so very much, I linked to it , check it out some time!

    • Ali Bierman says:

      I appreciate your taking the time to let me know that. Keep coming–lots here and no plans to stop putting up more!

  2. Mari Mcaloon says:

    Pretty much all thoughts and belief aside, I think it’s the opportunity for being one of the better works, may you continue crafting such a high quality within your long term producing.

    • Ali Bierman says:

      thank you so much for your kind supportive message, Mari. I have every intention to continue to provide info that moves peoples’ lives forward right here. Is there some topic you want to see more of here? Let me know.

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