A Most Important Day

At 4:15 PM EDT today I celebrate the anniversary of one of the greatest moments of my life. You see, 38 years ago on the day Agnew resigned the Vice Presidency of the US and the NY Mets won the National League pennant leading them into the 1973 World Series, my first child was born.

I never gave much thought to cosmological events but let me tell you, he came on a new moon, okay? The hospital maternity ward was overflowing and I, along with countless other brand new moms, had to spend my first night of motherhood in the hallway- without my precious bundle.

I won’t go into the details and the horror (I wound up completely paralyzed from the epidural) and terror or any of the bad experiences. Let’s just say I knew I’d have any future child completely naturally and never stay in the hospital again.

Instead I will share the completely enveloping love I experienced driving up to our apartment building—my husband, my son and me—a family. Tears slid down my cheeks as I held my baby, the one who played the drum set inside me beginning in the fourth month of pregnancy. (Now he plays all over the world. Oh the things we Moms endure.;-))

Now we were home together to gaze into each other’s eyes as he nursed every 1½ hours for a whole hour. (You do the math to see how much free time I got.) He only slept when I was active and he was in the backpack–or the car.

I shared those experiences and many more in my ebook (soon to be released on Amazon) Stay At Home Mom: Lousy Pay, Lousy Hours, Priceless Rewards available here today

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  1. Thanks so much for leaving comments and visiting my blog.
    Happy Birthday to your son!!

    • Ali Bierman says:

      Thank you, Cherie. Now you see why I love your blog so much. I so have daughter to whom I am very close.

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