7 Tips For Successful and Fulfilling Relationships

If you want to be happier, then you want to create relationships that leave you feeling good. These seven tips will assist your finding what you seek:

http://howtohaveamazingrelationships.com/1. Decide what you want in the relationship. Are you looking for friendship, companionship, or romance? The more clarity you have, the sooner you will attract what you seek.

2. Know, specifically, what behaviors in the other person you can tolerate and which you cannot. For instance, if smoking bothers you then, do not get involved with a smoker. Seems obvious, yet many people get the idea they can change the other person once they get deeply involved in the relationship. They think the other person will change, “if they really love me.” I especially offer caution on the subject of smoking because many people will say they intend to stop smoking –but never do.

3. Know what behaviors you consider essential to your being happier. If you are old-fashioned, you may want a romantic interest who opens doors for you or brings you flowers. On the other hand, you may abhor such behaviors.

4. Decide ahead of time, how you want to be treated in the relationship. Never ever settle. People may tell you the perfect relationship you seek is not possible. Do not listen to them. They come from their own experience, not from yours. Whose experience matters to you?

5. Nothing is ever set in stone. You may enter into a relationship that meets all your needs – at the time. It is okay to change what you want or need. It is okay to grow. Maybe the other person will change or grow in a different direction. Or maybe only one of you will change. The point here is you can leave a relationship when you feel it no longer fulfills your needs. Do not stay where you are unhappy because of loyalty or fear of hurting the other person’s feelings. Staying in a bad relationship hurts both parties.

6. Never choose to leave a relationship to avoid facing a problem. You will just create that same problem over and over again in future relationships. Resolve any issues – whether they lie solely within you or in the interactions between the two of you.

7. Love yourself first. Actually this tip is the most important of all. You cannot give love to another until you do love yourself. You may think you can. They will know you can’t.

I recommend adhering to all seven tips when seeking a relationship if you truly want to be happier and live Your Very Excellent Life.

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