Parents, If Your Kid Did Not Come With A How-To Manual…

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Parents, did your kid come with a how-to manual? I don’t think so. So you had to figure out the parenting gig yourself, right?

I bet you made some mistakes. I bet you made lots of mistakes so far-and more to come in the future. None of us is perfect yet our kids manage to grow up and survive.

These 17 mistakes happen commonly for most parents. The details of the 17 mistakes as well as actions to take instead of those that created the mistakes will lead you and your child to better relationships and a happier home.

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2 Responses to Parents, If Your Kid Did Not Come With A How-To Manual…

  1. Beth says:

    Yes, I know the 17 mistakes by heart. But, can you say them backwards, too? Just kidding, the book sounds interesting!

    • Ali Bierman says:

      LOL, Berth. I bet each parent discovered their own 17 mistakes. My book comes at parenting from an angle others don’t. It is also avaIlabe on

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