How Many of These Mistakes Do You Make in Your Relationships?

The top 7 mistakes people make in relationships doom them to repeat those mistakes and never find the love they want. Discover what to do instead.
Listen to the interview where the caller asked, “My daughter is dating a convict. How do I stop her?”

Are you wondering why your relationships don’t always work out, and why you have had “bad relationships” in the past?; How can you clarify who your ideal partner is? What steps must you take in order to feel loved and happier in general? How can you change your past, present and future instantly? Find out the answer to these and many more questions as Dr. Michelle interviews Ali Bierman, author of, Romance Killers – The Top 7 Mistakes that Doom Relationships.

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Relationships Thrive in Body, Mind AND Spirit

You are a Divine Spirit living a human experience in a body with physical and emotional needs coming from your mind. As a holistic being you must consider your wholeness and connections that make up you.

To thrive in life you must include your body, mind and spirit. Focusing on only one or two prevents success in ANY area.
Success in life happens when you balance all three.
Ready to maker ALL your relationships amazing?

Watch through to the end to get the full picture.
If you find the info helpful then please share it with someone you know who would also find it useful.

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Heart Health For You and Your Loved Ones

Someone in the US has a heart attack every 40 seconds. More men and women die from heart attacks and stroke than all cancers combined. The cause of heart issues often, far too often, go undetected.

The source of heart issues lie in an inter-play  across all areas of life: physical, emotional, relationships, finances, happiness, and spirituality.

Finally, my friend Razi Berry, has put together an all-encompassing series of talks by experts in all those fields so that you can discover and protect yourself from the silent killer that, when it does not kill, definitely impedes normal life functioning.

I myself deal with an issue resulting from nerve damage when a brain tumor was removed in 2011. The nerves that govern heart rhythm as well as the gut (which impact brain functioning and body systems) were lost inside that tumor.

While the medical establishment said I need surgery and medication to try to have some semblance of control over my heartbeats and well being, they fell dramatically short of accomplishing either and, in fact, actually made everything worse.

Thankfully the Universe directed me to some of the presenters who will speak in this 8 day event. Their advice educated me allowing me not only to stop taking drugs but to actually begin healing in ways the mainstream medical doctors could not fathom and, indeed, said would be impossible.

You owe it to yourself  and those you love to take advantage of this FREE series.
Click here to register NOW. Hurry, it all begins on Saturday, February 25, 2017.

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How To Be Happy NOW

Your relationship depends on you. To save your marriage you need to take care of you first. Watch the video to discover the exact steps in the exact order to move out of negative thinking – away from anger, disappointment and frustrations – and into happiness.

Click here to download your BONUS

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Smile: Save Your Relationship

You cannot experience two opposing emotions at the same time. When you smile you feel happy. Therefore you cannot feel angry, hurt or frustrated when you are smiling.
Do you see how a smile can get your rocky relationship back on track by pointing you in a new direction?
Watch the video for more information. Take on the challenge and begin smiling when you are with your partner – and even when you are not together. You will feel better and so will your spouse.

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Your Thinking and Your Happy Relationships

happy as you think

Your thoughts create your world. What goes on inside your mind gets reflected in your outer world.
You choose how to feel in every moment – every single one.

What impact, then, does your own thinking pattern have on how your relationships work – or fail to work?

No event has any meaning except for the one you assign.
As noted in my THRIVE! Don’t Just Survive Theme Song,
Its your choice to stay stuck in the muck.

You create your own luck.”

Translation: if your relationship feels yucky then you alone can change what is going on. NO blaming your partner. YOU interpreted what happened as hurtful.

If your partner did something that felt hurtful to you, well, you let it happen or you failed to voice your own feelings when it happened.

Chances are your partner does things that upset you without even knowing it. You do the same.

Share your experience below. When did you take charge of a situation that could have been very frustrating or sad and turn it into something useful in your life?

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Love Languages and Marriage Success

Your marriage may feel rocky because you and your spouse speak different love languages. Neither of you feels truly loved by the other. Is that accurate?

What do I mean by love languages?

Only when your spouse does or says what you need him or her to say or do will you feel loved. The catch is that your spouse likely has an entirely different way to express and to feel love and has no idea your needs are not being met.

Oh yeah, and your spouse’s needs to feel loved are also not being met for the same reason – different love languages keep you disconnected and at odds with one another – all without your awareness of what is happening.

I feel loved by another person when someone spends time with me, paying attention to me fully at 100% without thinking about their needs or creating what they alone want from me or a given situation.

You see, for me love is being real and being present with me. I also enjoy touching, especially hugs. After all, Virginia Satir, the founder of Family Therapy, said that we need 4 hugs a day to survive, 8 to get by, and 12 to thrive.

Have you ever noticed how your outlook shifts when someone hugs you or gently touches your hand?

Touch is a human need. A baby will die if it is not touched. Seniors are more prone to dementia if they have no friends or touching in their lives.

Do you know what love is for you? Do you know what your spouse needs to feel loved?

This video reveals how to save your marriage using modes of communication that are critical yet happen out of your awareness.

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Be You and Save Your Marriage

You are not who you think you are. You are not who others think you are. Same for your spouse or partner. Your partner is not who you think he or she is and he or she is not who he or she thinks they are.

Are you thoroughly confused? You won’t be after watching the video.

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Habits: Save Or End Relationships [TAT]

When you were a kid you started certain behavior patterns to get by and to create relationships. NOW, as an adult, do those same actions support or destroy your marriage? In Today’s Take Action Tuesday Challenge you will reveal what you are doing – and probably do not even know that you do it.

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Putting It Off Kills Your Relationship

What you keep putting off is slowly and surely killing your relationship – and probably destroying your health too. Take on the Challenge NOW to turn around your partnership.

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